Mid Surface Mesher

From solid to mid surfaces analysis in a few minutes :

  • Full integration in CATIAV5 environment


- No import/export of CAD

- Possibility to continue at any time with CATIA V5 interfaced features



  • Enables quick idealization of solid parts into medial surfaces parts

- Use of unique dedicated features

- Based on CATIA V5 robust features


  • Ensures conformity of the simulation model with the digital mockup


- Automatic generation of shell analysis properties

- Automatic computation of shell thicknes


Mid Surface Mesher

Mid Surface Mesher is a tool aimed for providing CATIA V5 users specific capabilities for generating

and   meshing medial surfaces of thin structures from a solid part.

Dedicated CATIA V5 CAD workbench

Composed by a smart combination of our new dedicated features and usual V5 ones, Mid Surface Mesher  workbench supplies a unique solution to modify solid parts, generate medial planes, and extract medial surfaces. With our experience-based options, users can easily choose automatic or manual trimming, assembly and planar projection. Moreover laborious steps such as the thickness calculation is by default processed using our powerful algorithm. For multi thicknesses surfaces, let Mid Surface Mesher compute them area per area using the splitting surface feature.

Speed-up consistent simulation

From the promptly generated medial surface parts, Mid Surface Mesher maintains all the capabilities of CATIA V5 meshing tools. All medial surfaces thicknesses have already been used to generate shell analysis properties which will be automatically applied to mesh parts. Mid Surface Mesher can now refine the thickness calculation using element per element method.    

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Element de tole  transformé par catia/Mis surface Mesher
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Element transformé avec le composant MID SURFACE MESHER

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